Golden Maldon

A two-hour drive from Melbourne you will find Australia’s first notable town. Maldon is a hidden gem that has a lot to offer. A booming gold rush town, now rich with historical sites, boutique stores and beautiful surrounds. Upon arrival, we opened the door to a welcoming, warm and toasty cottage that has idyllic charm. The Willows cottage was the ideal base the weekend and location was perfect for us to explore the main town of Maldon, the historical sites nearby, including old goldfields, tunnels and train station.
We also embraced the chilly weather and went exploring around the Rock of Ages, a sacred Aboriginal ceremonial site that overlooks Maldon and a number of other small nearby towns. On our final night we were blessed
with a perfect sunset, which we were able to view from the Mount Tarrengower Lookout - this is a must-do when in Maldon! The views are endless.
On our slow drive back to Melbourne, we took a short detour to Turpins Falls in the Macedon Ranges. After following a long dirt road you will find a diamond in the rough - a short walk down a steep staircase brings you to cascading waterfalls and a swimming hole. The Willows Cottage is the perfect weekend getaway to remove yourself from the hustle-bustle of city life and get back to basics.

Things We Did

  • Town
  • Walk
  • Lookout
  • Food & Drink
  • Waterfall
Exploring Maldon
Not hard to miss, wander through the town of Maldon. Browse through the quirky vintage stores, boutique art and craft, cafes and lolly shop! With original shop fronts you can imagine the hustle and bustle that this town would have once had in the time of the gold rush....
Rock of Ages
Once a site for Aboriginal ceremonies and traditions - now a picturesque spot for picnics, sightseeing and nature walks. The entire mountainside is filled with boulders, rock faces and steep slopes. Enjoy the views of the green countryside and the nearby townships....
Mt Tarrengower Lookout
If you're a sucker for good sunsets - this is a place to visit. Originally built to spot fires in the surrounding bushland, this tower is now a fantastic lookout spot with 360 degree views. Whilst this is still a great place to visit in the day time, aim for sunset, you will not be disappointed!...
Dinner at Kangaroo Hotel
The perfect spot for a drink and a meal after a day of exploring, visit Australia's only 'Kangaroo Hotel'. Inside you will find the original fit out and furnishings, enjoy a beer or wine next to the fire....
Historical Walks
A town rich with history from the Victorian Gold Rush era, there is no shortage of exploring to do. We visited the Beehive Mine Chimney and the Mine Ruins of both the Beehive and South German Ruins. We also ventured to the Victorian Goldfields Railway Station where you can look at the old trains and station building....
Turpins Falls
A bit off the beaten track, Turpins Falls is a 40-minute drive from Maldon. A popular swimming hole in summer, the falls are a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the tranquil surrounds. If the weather is nice bring a picnic and spend the day exploring the waterfalls....

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