Epic stay at Rockaway!

There is something extraordinary about staying in a tent-like this one. It’s almost like going way back in time to when life was a lot simpler. Like being an explorer or commander or even a Viking (but a lot more hygienic and comfortable!)

Pulling up to Rockway Farm was a treat in itself. Everything was so green, luscious, and stunning. We were met by our amazing Host and shown where to go, getting to drive through the property to get to our own private paddock. Just as we pulled up to the gate, we were welcomed by 5 very handsome horses. (in their own separate paddock which was also worthy of a king).

The afternoon lighting was perfect, and as soon as we got to the tent, we were both so stoked. It was simple but cozy and had everything we needed for a couple of fantastic nights. We lit the fire, watched the sunset over the farm, and watched as all the animals put themselves to bed.

Having a little fireplace inside the tent was the best! It kept the tent nice and warm and gave the room a delightfully, cozy feel. I will also note that on our second night we were treated to a short but intense thunderstorm, and the whole time we were so safe and snug in our tent, you could barely notice. The hosts were also very gracious and made sure we were comfortable and happy the whole way through our stay!

There is a bathroom and a kitchen on the property. Far away enough to still feel like camping but not too far that it’s inconvenient.

The location is absolutely stunning. The locals are all super friendly, and there is so much to see and do around here that it is a great weekend escape with comfort, romance, and style.

Things We Did

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Sutton Forest and Mossvale
We had planned a cruisy town day, exploring the highlands but needed a good coffee to get us on our way!
The Sutton Forest Cafe did not disappoint. The building and the little cafe was nicely quirky in a historic but stylishly modern way. The coffee was exactly what we needed, and Mel can never go past a fresh croissant filled with ham and cheese! We sat in the early morning sun and were already delightfully satisfied with how the day was going.

After a small 5 minute drive, we found ourselves in the heart of the Highlands, Mossvale. This town was a pleasant place to wander for the first part of our day. Poking our heads into all of the local shops all the while being in awe at how clean and fresh the town felt. It was a perfect way to spend the morning.
Hiking to the Jump Rocks
We are a sucker for a good hike and this one was probably one of the coolest. But you will need to be sure-footed as some of the track can be quite difficult and intimidating.

The walk starts at Macquarie Pass where you can take a few different tracks. We decided to head to jump rock falls. You follow the Macquarie Rivulet a couple of kilometres with so many different swimming holes, rock pools and waterfalls for you to choose from. You can go as far along as you like without being disappointed. This was such an amazing day.
Red Cow Farm Gardens
Red Cow farm was high on Mel's priority list, we went late in the afternoon and took our time strolling around.
The gardens are really well designed and maintained. They feature tonnes of different flowers, plants, and sculptures. There are also some beautiful ponds, buildings, and a little nursery to buy specialty plants from.

We had a really lovely time strolling around before heading back to our accommodation to enjoy a drink by the fire.

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