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There's nothing like a long drive through alpine region to land you at one of the most humble, solitary log hut's you've ever seen. Set amongst rolling hills and horses, the soothing sound of a well-watered aqueduct runs through the back of the hut, just off the back verandah, which conveniently doubles as the perfect sunset gazing spot. The honesty of the structure makes it all the more charming, with exposed trusses above you as you retire in and rise from the beautiful cast iron post bed. And keeping warm and well-fed is never an issue with an indoor fireplace, outdoor fire pit and a well-stocked supply of firewood and kindling. Tied in a bow of fresh air, green grass and a sky full of stars just to remind you of how little you need to have everything you want....

Things We Did

  • Boat
  • Fish
  • Sunset
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    Rocky Valley Lake
    With our canoe strapped to the roof, we set off on a little adventure to find a place to set sail. We headed about 30 minutes towards falls creek and stumbled across this beauty! Came in to cast a line a catch some fish for lunch, it was epic!...
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      Catch dinner in the backyard!
      After settling in, we decided to take a walk around the property, following the flowing the back porch aqueduct to the river just a few hundred metres from the house. With not much else to do other than relax, we decided to cast a line and came back with 2 perfect sized trout for dinner! We even went back for seconds the next night. Yum!...
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        Sunset picnics
        Just a few km's down the road (en route to falls creek) there's plenty of campgrounds to pull into and settle in for a picnic. We enjoyed the running water, the moody sky and yummy lunch here!...

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