Lovers Getaway

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It's all in the name... The Bushies Love Shack is nothing short of romantic. Even if you're enjoying some time away with your best pal, the incredibly considered 'small touches' around the stay combined with the constant lullabies of bird songs will leave you with a smile so big and a heart so full. We were in awe of the stunning view of Mt Buffalo especially whilst relaxing in the worlds best bath. Seriously, prepare yourself to spend 90% of your time here in the bath, you can't not! What won our hearts over (not that we needed much convincing!) was the short drive to some epic waterfalls, swimming holes and walking trails. This was everything we needed, and more....

Things We Did

  • Mountain
  • Sunset
  • Yoga
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    Picnic with a view
    A beautiful drive from the property to Mt Buffalo, through winding roads laced with lush native trees and scrub and waterfalls cascading over down the mountain. The perfect place to raise a glass and you!...
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      Sunset in the back yard
      Watch the sunset over Mount Buffalo from your very own backyard, it never disappoints. Complete it with a little picnic and a few tipples of wine, and you've reached peak romance!...
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        Yoga with the birds
        If yoga's your thing we strongly suggest packing your mats and getting up with the birds to practice a few rounds of sun salutations on the back porch. Is there any other way to start the day?...

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