Next Stop, Redleaf Farm

Picture yourself waking up to the sound of roosters on a farm, or sitting around an outdoor deck overlooking serene views of a farm vista. This carriage is the ultimate platform to transport you to serenity.

The moment we boarded the carriage, we immediately felt the charm it provides. It’s authentic with a lot of character and thoughtful touches throughout. It felt like we were embarking a train ride through time and space.

Tucking into a cozy converted 1920’s carriage with a pile of books, hot chai on the stove, and no responsibilities other than tossing an extra log onto the fire while watching the highland cattle grazing away feels like the perfect antidote to city life.

The farm itself is magnificent and employs sustainable and ethical practices run by the family of Sam & Katrina. It’s rustic and raw, yet very well looked after.
Sheep roam free, pigs are wild and living in the forest and constantly moved to fresh ground. Special mention is also needed for Hector - a gentle and affectionate donkey, as well as Midnight, Luna & Janey - goats that live happily next door from the carriage and can be seen at all times just by glancing out the window.

Our inner farmers have finally been channeled by interacting, feeding, and getting up close to the animals. It’s beyond restorative for the soul.
If you are a keen explorer, Belmore falls track is a must-visit. A stunning vista of two tiered waterfall cascades down the mountainside and provides another picturesque setting for our trip.

Without a doubt, Redleaf farm is an idyllic place to escape to. Here you can feel less like a guest and more like a member of a loveable family.

Things We Did

  • Farm
  • Walk
  • Waterfall
  • Food & Drink
Farm Tour
Sam, took us for a farm tour and let us experience what it's like to do the farm rounds, like a real farmer! Feeding the livestock including highland cattle, sheep, pigs, hens, goose was so therapeutic. He truly is a passionate farmer who loves sharing his knowledge about the farm and all the nutrient dense food comes from....
Strolling nature around the farm
Redleaf Farm is surrounded with raw natural beauty. We went for a walk down the creek and imagined how refreshing it would be to plunge in or kayak during the warmer months. Only a few minutes walk from there, we found a waterfall with its serene and peaceful setting. A perfect place to unwind and appreciate nature to its fullest....
Belmore Falls Track
Belmore Falls in Morton National Park is a stunning plunge two tiered waterfall on the Barrengarry Creek, only 20 minute drive from the property.

A long unsealed and easily accessible road takes you to a car park from where you can explore the area, and enjoy panoramic views of the waterfall and the upper Kangaroo Valley including the Hindmarsh Lookout. The waterfall drops more than 100m into a deep valley that looks like a thriving tropical rainforest from high above.
Lunch at Highlands Merchant
After chasing waterfall, we went to Moss Vale for lunch. about 10 min drive from the property. This cafe offers locally sourced, hand crafted and freshly made products....

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